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What can you buy for someone that has everything this Christmas? Why not treat them to an Upholstery Workshop experience.

If your loved one is anything like me, they will probably buy whatever they want there and then. This can make it much more difficult for loved ones to try and find them a gift they will want or make use of, come the festive period. In our house, we choose to save Christmas present money and put it towards things such as holidays in the New Year...
Cart coffee table

Choosing sustainably this year…

As we all know, with Christmas comes a lot of waste. Do you find you buy the same type of present for the same person every year? And know it doesn’t really get used? From personal experience I know getting gifted things such as slippers or scarves, as nice as they are, I just don’t make use of them! This is a waste of money...
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Autumn Upholstery Workshop Highlights

We’ve been busy over the last two months having great fun with clients taking part in our Upholstery Workshops in our chapel in Scholar Green, Cheshire. It has been such a refreshing change being more relaxed with COVID restrictions and things are...

What types of dining chairs can you transform?

Are you unsure on whether your type of dining chair can be transformed? Look no further, in this blog we will be showing you the types of dining sets we have had the pleasure of updating and transforming to give you some ideas on how your furniture can be saved from the tip. We have done a range of projects from antique furniture, to modern day dining sets so be sure to know we can help you on your upholstery journey.

Struggling for fabric inspiration for your dining chair makeover?

Choosing a fabric to upholster your dining chairs in can be a difficult decision, especially with so many options to choose from. Not only do we help our clients with the design process of the upholstery, but also mainly with fabric choices. We know that durability and practicality can also be major decision contributors when considering fabrics- not just appearance.

There’s a reason why we need your dining table furniture order in by September

With our furniture being bespoke and handmade, the creating process takes slightly longer than if you buy from the high street.   There are many processes which our tables go through before being delivered to your door, and we want to make sure you avoid any disappointment and have your dining table with you by the festive period.  Christmas is only around the corner so why not get in touch and make sure you have the perfect family dining table to celebrate around after a not so normal Christmas last year! 

Do you always run out of seats at Christmas?

Do you always run out of seating at Christmas? Is there always someone sitting on a patio chair or an odd stool?   Christmas is one of the busiest times of year for the majority of us and entertaining can get hectic in the dining room. Trying to find matching chairs to existing dining sets you have can be very difficult, but at Semper Hopkins Upholstery and Interiors, we are here to solve your dining chair worries. 

Fabric Ideas For Your Stool

Choosing the right fabric may seem like an arduous process. This is understandable considering all of the fabric types, colour and design that are available. How do you choose the one which is right for you?

Fabric Ideas for your Upholstered Crate

Choosing a fabric for your upholstery crate can be difficult, especially when there are so many options available. There are various different aspects to choose from such as the pattern, colour and texture of the fabric. We thought it would be useful to share some fabric inspiration and how these have been used by our upholstery workshop clients in situ.
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