Sinclair Law Solicitors team traded legal briefs for fabric shears and spent a few hours together on a sustainable upholstery team building workshop.

At Sinclair Law Solicitors, fostering a strong and united team is just as important as providing excellent legal services. 

That’s why the team recently embarked on a unique and exciting team-building activity – a sustainable upholstery course. 

Semper Hopkins Upholstery & Interiors old chapel was Sinclair Law Solicitors creative courtroom for the day, where they crafted gorgeous notice boards that are now evidence of their hidden talents. Who knew their team of legal eagles could be so creative?

Trading legal briefs for fabric shears, the Sinclair Law Solicitors team spent a few hours together, not only learning new skills but also embracing sustainability in a creative and hands-on way. This rare opportunity allowed them to unite, connect, and have fun outside of their usual work environment.

Lucy Hart from Sinclair Law commented “We bonded over our staple gun fear, pondered fabric colours and shared button dilemmas as we crafted our noticeboards

During the workshop, the team members collaborated, shared ideas, and brought their creativity to life. They explored different upholstery techniques, experimented with fabrics, and made beautiful personalised notice boards.Through this shared experience, the team developed a deeper appreciation for teamwork, communication, and problem-solving.

Lucy Hart from Sinclair Law Solicitors shared “amid a beautifully presented and delicious lunch, we shared lots of smiles and laughter, embracing the chance to step out of our legal comfort zones”.

The upholstery adventure provided a refreshing break from their daily routines of legal work, allowing team members to unwind, recharge, and reconnect with one another. It fostered a sense of camaraderie and collaboration that will undoubtedly carry over into their professional endeavours. Lucy Hart from Sinclair Law Solicitors shared “This creative recess left us all feeling energised and motivated, reinforcing our positive working relationships and friendships. “Case closed”

Overall, Sinclair Law Solicitors’ sustainable upholstery team-building course was a resounding success. It not only brought the team closer together but also reinforced their shared values of teamwork and sustainability. By stepping outside their comfort zones and engaging in a creative activity, the team members created lasting memories and strengthened their bonds. A brilliant day of creativity and teamwork!

Thank you Lucy and the Sinclair Law Solicitors team for spending the day with us. It truly was a day filled with camaraderie, connection, creativity and fun.

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