May News from the workshop ……our top five highlights from a busy month!

Have you noticed my blogs & featured posts have returned? I promised myself to write two a month and I’ve done it.

I have been doing so much computer work for my b-corp assessment I’d run out of energy to do any of my other usual business tasks and let it slip, but I’ve found my flow.

I really enjoy writing. It’s also a great way of seeing the progress we are making. Take a read to see what I’ve been up to.

One step further in my b-corp application
I reached another BIG milestone in May in the B Corp Certification Process submitting evidence and operational highlights. In June I will be starting the verification process which is another rigorous step.

It’s been another huge piece of work….and I know it won’t stop here. Big thank you to Ros for helping me put everything together.

I am so excited by it and the future . B Corp Certification isn’t a destination, it’s a journey to better business, but you still aren’t guaranteed to get it at this stage. So more work to do.

I was asked the question the other day: is it scary to tackle it as a small business owner? Absolutely isn’t every big goal. You’ve got to put yourself out of your comfort zone to grow.

There is also a community of businesses out there that have already done it and to help you.

It’s been amazing to connect with others that are experiencing it or have become fully certified.  Sharing stories, tips and collaborating along the way. Find out more detailed info B Lab UK

Surrounding yourself with like minded people – May Mastermind Day
On May 9th I attended a Mastermind Day with Katie Webster at Toolerstone in Cheshire. A valuable day spent with twenty fellow business owners and entrepreneurs.

Taking time out of your business is key. Learning from others, having great conversations, asking questions and listening. I soaked it all up. Coming away with new connections, ideas, and setting new intentions. The energy and inspiration is invaluable.

Boosting Creative Wellbeing for Charities: A collaboration with Cheshire Connect

Over the years of running a small business I’ve stood back and admired others doing amazing work for charities either fundraising, donating or sharing their expertise. I did bits here and there either donating raffle prizes or raising money for causes that other people have approached me for.

My proudest moment to date was sharing my story of overcoming burnout, fear, her personal journey of self-care and living a visionary life in the Amazon best-selling book ‘Seen Too’ – published on World Mental Health Day in October 2022 which raised money for Advance Brighter Futures a mental health charity based in Wrexham.

For me personally creative activities provide such a fundamental part of my wellbeing and mental health.

I’m on a mission to provide individuals and organisations with these opportunities to experience creativity, which encourage connection, mindfulness, innovation and overall well being.

I’ve always wanted to do more but I hadn’t found the answer, but now I have. We are collaborating with Cheshire Connect to bring creative workshops to local Cheshire based charities. You can read more about this here

How do you fit it all in?

A lot of people have recently asked how do you fit everything in, family life and being mum, big work projects, normal work, holidays, seeing friends life etc! Being organised and planning is one part of it, the main thing is I’m looking after myself. A good routine, healthy food, sleep and exercise.

When you get busy it’s all too easy to let bad habits slip back in, but I’ve been keeping up with my routine of daily walks and swimming three times a week. I’ve seen the benefits as my energy levels have kept up, and I’m in a positive mindset

Personal projects 

My latest garden project is finished creating a corner of the garden to enjoy the morning sunshine. The old veg beds have been repurposed and replanted. I’ve got our new garden seating from Chris Acorn Upcycling. Sustainable and stylish handmade from reclaimed oak whisky barrels.

The motorhome refurb is underway, new shoe storage has gone in and I’m working on the upholstery. The big important bits are being completed by Ian at Staffordshire Mobile Caravan and Motorhome Services.

As I’m writing this I’m finishing a relaxed week’s half term holidays with the boys in Spain, recharged and ready to tackle June! 

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