Creative Upholstery Workshops for Team Building & Wellbeing

An innovative approach to team building and employee wellbeing. For organisations that prioritise and promote employee wellbeing. Upholstery workshops are an opportunity to get your staff on their feet and away from their screens.

By engaging their mind and body in a creative activity they are able to clear the mental clutter and re-engage their imagination.

Our workshops encourage connection as they work side by side towards a shared goal. Walking away at the end of the day with a tangible, sustainable piece of furniture as a reminder of the day and what they’re capable of.

Benefits of an Upholstery Workshop

Emma offers in person upholstery workshops an opportunity which offers individuals and teams to experience;

Creativity Upholstery is a craft that allows your employees to explore their creative side and foster innovation. Experimenting with design details and fabric colours gives them a safe space to play and explore. Ignite their imagination and motivate them to bring their creative flair back into the office.

Mindfulness – Upholstery requires focus and attention to detail, which will bring your employees in to the present moment, giving them a healthy outlet for stress. Learning a new skill that offers a mindfulness element can have a profound impact on their physical and mental health, leaving them feeling re-energised, fulfilled and with a massive sense of achievement.

Connection – Sharing a creative experience with colleagues opens a safe space for communication. Improving relationships and encourages better discourse between employees, even for those who work in hybrid environments.

Where they take place

In person workshops and team building days can take place at our premises in Scholar Green, a beautiful converted chapel in the Cheshire countryside. Postcode ST7 3HR, located 10 minutes from J17 of M6).

Facilities are available to host full-day events here.

Or alternatively, workshops can be run off-site (at an extra cost). The room will need to have a workspace for participants to make their furniture. These requirements can be discussed in the booking process.

Meet Emma

Emma Semper Hopkins is the founder of Semper Hopkins Upholstery Interiors. She leads and facilitates creative upholstery workshops for organisations that value the mental and physical health of their employees.

With over 15 years of experience working in the corporate world, Emma has a wealth of experience leading, and managing high-performing teams in fast-paced environments. She knows from experience the importance of creative opportunities that encourage connection, innovation, and overall well-being.

Establishing her own business in 2016, she now provides organisations with these opportunities and offers a unique experience that both rewards and engages all who attend.


Workshops can take place as a stand-alone activity or incorporated into a longer day team-building experience.

Make a fabric vision / notice board

Either a 2 hour or half day workshop

Up to 10 participants

Together, your employees will work side by side to upholster their own unique and eco-friendly vision / notice boards.

Reward and Recognition

Purchase a gift voucher for in-person or online upholstery workshops.

These are a great sustainable way to reward individual employees who deserve recognition for their hard work.

Employee Wellbeing Allowance

Offer in-person and online upholstery workshops as an option for your employees to use their well-being allowance.

Book enquiry

To make an enquiry for a team building workshop please complete the booking form below. On receipt of your booking form we will send written confirmation of the cost and that your date is confirmed. The rest of the booking process is detailed below – in what happens next.  

Booking Process – What happens next

Step 1 – Booking Enquiry
If you would like to make a booking please complete the booking contact form. On receipt of your booking form we will send written quotation and availability for your preferred dates.

Step 2 – Confirmation 
Accept the written quotation and we will follow up with invoice.

Step 3 – Booking confirmation
Following payment we will send a detailed online booking confirmation.

Step 4 – Receive information about the event
Closer to the date we will send you relevant information for joining the workshop, parking, start times etc so you can then turn up on the day and enjoy your experience.

Further information about the day

What you will learn and what’s included

  • About the different tools and materials needed for upholstery. These are all detailed in your course handout to take home at the end of the day. You will be given a safety demonstration on how to use the tools correctly.
  • Different upholstery techniques.
  • You will be provided with all the materials, tools and fabric to make your piece of furniture.


A range of sustainable and eco friendly fabrics are included to make your furniture. Read more here


Fabric Vision / Notice Board 61cm x 61cm

What our customers think…

Let Us Know

The date you would like your workshop to take place (Monday to Friday)

Any Refreshments?

Let us know if you would like food. We have a number of local businesses who we work with that can provide packages to suit your group's needs starting from £15 per person.

Tea/Coffee/Water included in price of workshop.

Any other requirements

Let us know if you have any other requirements e.g. if you would like to combine the upholstery activity with a team meeting. The room is available to hire if additional time is needed.

Make a booking

If you would like to make a booking complete the booking contact form with your choices.

On receipt of your booking form we will send written confirmation of the cost and your date is confirmed.

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