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7 lessons I’ve learnt that will help you on your upholstery journey

I’ve blinked and 7 years have passed since I registered my business as a limited company on the 30th June 2016. I'm sharing my seven top tips for those of you who are starting out on your upholstery journey. I’ve looked back on my experiences and shared the lessons I’ve learnt. Some of these lessons can be applied to more than just upholstery. Hopefully they may inspire and help you too.

Three Reasons Why I Needed Help From a Personal Stylist, Yifan

You might wonder why I needed help and coaching from a personal stylist with all the creative expertise I have for interior design and upholstery. You might think the principles of colour must be very similar? I personally don’t find styling my clothes very easy, I know the reasons why.

Top fives places to visit in Belgium and Holland in our motorhome Wally

Out first European trip to Belgium and Holland in the motorhome. What an awesome trip. Read our latest blog for the highlights.
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Where do you get your interior inspiration from?

Where do you get inspiration for your interior style in your home? Lifestyle magazines, pinterest, or ‘influencers’ on social media showing you ideas from inside their own homes?
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Do you love to learn new skills? Natasha does, find out why

Do you love being in your home? Do you want your home to look like no one else’s? Do you want your home to have your style and vision, and to be filled with furniture that you’ve either learnt to make or put your own stamp on.
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February News from the workshop – Living the life you dream of, I am.

I’ve been sharing personal stories in my blog to inspire some readers out there. To let you know that it is possible to live the life you dream of, anything is possible but you are the one that has to make things happen and take action.

How Creative Hobbies Can Help Prevent Ill Health

“Do you find yourself craving a little creativity in your life? Turns out, tapping in to that creative energy can actually improve your overall health. It might sound too good to be true but engaging in creative behaviours (even simple tasks like colouring in) improves brain function, mental health and physical health (Forbes 2019)”.

Sharing my inspirational story with Naomi & Martin Onyourradio.co.uk

I caught up with Naomi Jordan and Martin Pemberton today onyourradio it was an amazing experience to finally meet them in person and be on radio in the studio. I was buzzing with energy after the show was finished, they put me right at ease…

How has January 2023 been for you? We wanted to share our plans and ideas.

How has the first month of 2023 gone for you? It feels like Christmas is an age ago now and January is flying by!  I use the time to plan exciting things for the year ahead. This isn’t just in business but in personal life as well.
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