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Exciting new project for one of our favourite pubs!

We've recently had the pleasure of completing a special project for the Brownlow Inn. It was a privilege to be able to work with them as it is one of our favourite places to eat as a family. We have been going there for family celebratory meals for years including our engagement and pre-wedding night, so as you can imagine, it holds lots of special memories. So we couldn't be more proud to see some of our furniture taking pride of place in their bar eating area.

Making a Mark in the Chapel’s History

Having taken on the chapel in 2016, it wasn’t just a physical renovation we were undertaking, we were also becoming part of the history of this beautiful building that originated in the village in 1892.

April News from the workshop – Living the life you dream of!

In January 2021, I completed a vision workshop with Michala Leyland. She taught me how to visualise what I want to achieve in the near future regarding Semper Hopkins Upholstery & Interiors and how I can balance my time without burning out! Michala has changed my perspective on how to use my time wisely and it is something I am so glad I have done! 2022 is the year I will be focusing on myself more…

2022 The year of doing the things I love, and the year I turn 40….

Where has 2022 gone? We are already at the end of March. This year marks a big milestone birthday for me. I turn 40 on the 21st April, very luck to share the same birthday as the Queen. At the beginning of the year I had considered writing up 40 things I wanted to do when I turn 40, but that seemed like a daunting task to think of 40 things and it takes precious time, so here I am just going along with it and doing it. My motto for 2022 was to do more things that make me happy, and doing less planning is one of them!
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January News from the Workshop

How has the first month of 2022 gone for you? It feels like Christmas is an age ago now and the past month has flown by! January is usually the month I use to plan exciting things for the year ahead. I’ve been busy doing that as well as spinning several other plates!

An Update From Emma

Hello… it’s been a while since I updated you on a little bit about me and the face behind the camera most days! Semper Hopkins Upholstery and Interiors have come a long since we started in 2016 and we have new followers and new changes that have happened! So, for all of my old, new and upcoming followers; welcome and here is a little about me, the business and what has been going on over the past couple of years…
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Choosing sustainably this year…

As we all know, with Christmas comes a lot of waste. Do you find you buy the same type of present for the same person every year? And know it doesn’t really get used? From personal experience I know getting gifted things such as slippers or scarves, as nice as they are, I just don’t make use of them! This is a waste of money...

Semper Hopkins Chapel Renovation continues

The 6th anniversary of Semper Hopkins Upholstery and Interiors nearly passed us by on the 30th June 2021. I was so busy working and finishing my year end accounts I nearly let it slip by without standing back to reflect on how far we have come in that time!
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Exciting News – Launch Of New Website And Upholstery Courses Coming Soon

We have some exciting news to share with you. In the coming weeks we will be relaunching our website with a new improved look, as well as some new features including a furniture quote builder for custom made furniture, two new upholstery workshops, and the ability to book our workshops as a group if you wanted to come with friends and family, a work event or hen party.
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