Spring new life into your old furniture have them upholstered in Cheshire

Are you planning on having a spring clean? As we all know, spring is the season to refresh your home and get rid of things we don’t use or like anymore. There is no better feeling than being productive and getting around to household chores we so often put off…

Do you want to learn how to upholster? Come and do it with a group.

To all of our current followers, Hello! And to our new followers… Welcome! As you may already know we offer a range of Upholstery Workshops in our stunning chapel in Scholar Green, which offer you the chance to learn a new craft and skills which you can use again and again in the future.

Celebrating one year of running Upholstery workshops at Semper Hopkins Upholstery and Interiors

It has been 12 months now since we first ran our in person upholstery workshops here at Semper Hopkins - and what a year it has been! From starting with our Storage crate then introducing our Stool and Bench workshops later in 2021,  and now our footstools and deep buttoned workshops… we have come a long way in so little time!
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Design and make a piece of furniture for your home with Semper Hopkins

Do you find yourself constantly browsing the internet or Pinterest looking for interior inspiration or new furniture ideas? I am exactly the same. I love finding inspiration different from what is out there on the market. High street furniture can be right for some people, but if you want something a little unique or different, it is not always the place to find it.

International day of happiness – do more things that make you happy!

International Day of Happiness is on 20th March 2022 and takes place across the UN and its focus is build back happier and make peoples wellbeing a top priority. As we will all know, with how things have been the last two years, this day of happiness might not have always been the ‘happiest’. It was much harder to do things which made us happy last year with the UK being in lockdown, not being able to see those we love and not being able to do day to day activities we once, perhaps, took for granted!

Making Time For Mum…

Making time for yourself as a mother is one of the most important things you can do as part as self-care. Of course, keeping busy and looking after your children will be a main priority, and your work if that applies.

Upholstery Is For Everyone…

You might think an upholstery workshop at Semper Hopkins Upholstery Interiors is only suitable for those looking to learn a new skill but you are wrong, it is so much more.
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January News from the Workshop

How has the first month of 2022 gone for you? It feels like Christmas is an age ago now and the past month has flown by! January is usually the month I use to plan exciting things for the year ahead. I’ve been busy doing that as well as spinning several other plates!
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What can you buy for someone that has everything this Christmas? Why not treat them to an Upholstery Workshop experience.

If your loved one is anything like me, they will probably buy whatever they want there and then. This can make it much more difficult for loved ones to try and find them a gift they will want or make use of, come the festive period. In our house, we choose to save Christmas present money and put it towards things such as holidays in the New Year...
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Autumn Upholstery Workshop Highlights

We’ve been busy over the last two months having great fun with clients taking part in our Upholstery Workshops in our chapel in Scholar Green, Cheshire. It has been such a refreshing change being more relaxed with COVID restrictions and things are...
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