Are you curious to find out how upholstery could help you on a team building activity?

When people hear the word upholstery they think sofa’s, footstools, armchairs. They don’t automatically think of an experience that can be enjoyed by your team.

As an employer it is very difficult to find a team building experience that will please everyone. Your teams are looking for more than just a social event at the pub, not everyone feels comfortable climbing a mountain, building a raft, or in an escape room. So how do you find an activity that suits the majority and delivers a return on investment for your business? 

Are you curious to see how a creative upholstery workshop could help your business? 

It can be a unique and engaging team-building activity that offers several benefits for your business:

  1. Collaboration and Communication: Upholstery workshops require teamwork and communication among participants. Working together on upholstery projects encourages collaboration, problem-solving, and effective communication skills within your team. It helps team members understand each other’s strengths, build trust, and develop strong working relationships.

Gill Fox from The Nantwich Clinic recently joined us on a workshop and shared her experience

“I highly recommend Emma’s upholstery team building courses. They are a fantastic way for teams to connect and learn about each other, whilst also learning new skills and creating something special to take away. Upholstery is very mindful so the workshop is very relaxing and the chapel space that Emma works from has such a “get away from it all” feel. I doubt anyone would regret having taken part.”

  1. Creativity and Innovation: Upholstery workshops provide an opportunity for your team to tap into their creativity and explore innovative ideas. Participants can experiment with different design concepts, fabric choices, and techniques to create unique upholstered pieces. This fosters a creative mindset and encourages out-of-the-box thinking, which can be applied to other aspects of your business.

  1. Skill Development: Upholstery workshops offer a chance for your team to learn new skills and expand their knowledge in a different field. Participants will gain hands-on experience in upholstery techniques, 
  1. Stress Relief and Well-being: Engaging in a creative activity like upholstery can provide a break from the daily work routine and serve as a stress-relieving outlet. Team-building events that focus on creativity and hands-on activities have been shown to reduce stress levels and improve overall well-being. This can lead to increased productivity, motivation, and employee satisfaction within your team.

Keith Simpson – Director at Kestrel Education Consultancy LTD shared his experience

“Emma is an outstanding provider of high quality workshops tailored to the development of your team’s mental health & individual needs. In a wonderful old atmospheric building she carefully guides everyone into creative construction. Highly recommended if you or your team wish to breathe, connect and engage in a fantastic team event.”

  1. Enhanced Company Culture: Offering a unique and enjoyable team-building experience like a creative upholstery workshop can contribute to a positive company culture. It shows that your business values creativity, collaboration, and employee well-being. Team members will appreciate the opportunity to engage in a fun and meaningful activity together, fostering a sense of camaraderie and a stronger bond within your team.
  1. Sustainable Values: Incorporating a creative upholstery workshop into your team-building event aligns with sustainable values. Upholstery promotes the reuse and repurposing of furniture, which supports environmental sustainability. By participating in the workshop, your team members will learn about the importance of sustainability and can apply these principles to their work and personal lives.

A creative upholstery workshop can bring numerous benefits to your business for a team-building activity. It fosters collaboration, creativity, skill development, stress relief, and enhances company culture. Additionally, it aligns with sustainable values, which can contribute to a positive brand image and a more environmentally conscious workplace.

Are you ready to take the next step to provide your employees with an innovative and exciting activity for their next team day out?

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