From Upholstery to Upcycling Enthusiast: Catch up with Nigel’s Story

It’s coming up to three years this December since we taught our first upholstery workshop. Covid slightly delayed the full launch and we started running them again in April 2021.

One of the things I enjoy about teaching is finding out more about my clients. I enjoy getting to know them, about what they do, why they’ve come to take part in an upholstery workshop and what they are wanting to learn. It helps me ensure they get the most out of the day, and I really enjoy knowing their reasons for being here.

A few weeks ago I caught up with an old student named Nigel. He had been helping me out with some research. It was lovely to hear what he had been up to in the last year. We first met in 2021 when he did his first workshop. We interviewed him for a blog in August 2022, and he shared his experience with us – you can read more about it here

Nigel originally started exploring upholstery some time ago as his friend has gifted him a dining room table and chairs. He had enjoyed the restoration process. Seeing an old piece of furniture come back to life. He explored the upholstery workshops with us because he wanted some professional guidance as well as learning more skills.

Since Nigel started the workshops with us, it’s been fabulous to hear he has set up a workshop for himself. So he’s been able to continue to develop his skills. Doing projects for himself, as well as family and friends. When you experience a workshop with us you aren’t only learning new skills, we also share our expertise on tools and materials and where to source them from.

Nigel said “Seeing my furniture at home was fantastic and a very proud moment. The storage crate was the first item that I made with the intention of giving it to Abbie, however, when Sharon saw it she immediately decided that she would have it. So I ended up making another for her.”

Nigel went on to tell me he’s recently taken up a new job that involves uncycling furniture. Sharing some photos of projects that he has recently completed. “I thought I would show you some of the items that I have been able to complete in my job. I’ve only been able to do this due to courses you run and the ongoing help you’ve given so a big thank you from me”

I was so proud to see the work he is doing using the skills that he learnt during our upholstery workshops, and continuing to develop them. Upholstery is a skill that you get better at the more you practice, you get more confident and feel able to tackle more challenging projects. This is something I teach during the workshops, start on small manageable projects, learn the basic techniques and keep on practicing. This is exactly what Nigel has done and he is reaping the rewards.

Nigel shared his experience with us”

There is so much to enjoy about Emma’s workshops. The friendly atmosphere created by Emma, the beautiful building, meeting other like minded people, how Emma makes learning straightforward and fun and of course, coming home with a piece of furniture that I’m very proud of. I enjoyed my first course so much that I’ve now completed three.

We will be revisiting some of our other upholstery students over the last twelve months to hear what they have been up to.

If an upholstery workshop sounds like something you are interested in, you can view and book an in person workshop here.

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