Fabric Ideas For Your Stool

Choosing the right fabric may seem like an arduous process. This is understandable considering all of the fabric types, colour and design that are available. How do you choose the one which is right for you?

If you are new to the world of upholstery and want to know more about the fabric basics read back to our previous blog fabrics the basics which covers setting your budget, fabric durability, and caring for it. A further blog then covers how to choose the right colour fabric for your furniture.

In this blog we will give you some fabric inspiration for for small pieces of furniture like a stool.

Make a statement with a bold colour…

Do you want your stool to make a dramatic difference to a room?

You can create a bold statement by choosing upholstery fabric in a bright colour. By using bold colours you can completely brighten up a room. A bold choice would be this luxurious cobalt blue  from the Warwick Plush Velvet range it retails at £20 per metre.

Alternatively, this bright, soft tactile Magenta Wool from Amatheon Warwick Fabrics.

Mixing pattern and plain fabric

Your fabric doesn’t have to be a plain colour or patterned. You could have a bit of both by mixing a bold pattern and complementing plain colour.

Stool workshop

As seen on this prototype we built, the seat top is upholstered in Casper Seagreen from Linwoods ”Omega Prints I” collection. Featuring 50 colourways over 16 designs, this eclectic range includes florals and geometrics in styles from modern through to classical. Great on their own or teamed with plain velvets. All of these are stain-resistant so very practical and also stylish.

Using Trendy Textures

If you don’t like bold colours look at the other fabric qualities available and introduce texture. Fabric is extremely tactile, everyone wants to stroke a piece of furniture when they see something soft and they will when they see these on trend Boucle from Everest Warwick Fabric and Storr Bute Fabric ranges.

Here is some more inspiration from previous clients:

Jackie designed and made this stunning stool at a recent upholstery workshop choosing the fabric and leg finish for her stool. She then went on to learn how to make it on our two-day upholstery workshop. She left us this feedback “learning new skills and feeling a sense of achievement when I got things right!”.

Tina designed and made this stunning stool at a recent upholstery workshop choosing a statement printed fabric, teamed it with contrasting piping and side panels. She painted the stool legs in a mulberry chalk paint. The end result is stunning.

This fabric is Japanese Garden from @Linwood Fabric Omega Prints II range. A client recently completed the stool workshop and chose this beautiful fabric to make a statement on their furniture.

An unusual Japanese toile from the 1940s, reinterpreted for contemporary tastes on lush velvet. Its printed on their popular soft, matt Omega velvet – which is both stain resistant and fire retardant.

This fine velvet fabric is invitingly soft and available in a palette of 40 colours that range from timeless neutrals to vibrant trend-driven shades. It also certified as being free of harmful chemicals. Stain resistant, hardwearing and washable

Nigel chose this beautiful Mustard colour from the range to make a statement when he made his stool on her recent upholstery workshop. Nigel even left us some lovely feedback:

“Had a fantastic time in the footstool workshop. Very friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Lots of new skills learned and I ended up with a new piece of furniture that I am really proud of. Thanks, Emma, for a brilliant experience.”

If you would like to learn a new skill, this is an opportunity to make an item of furniture to treasure forever, and a reminder of the fun that we can have when we tap into our creative side. Book a space on our next stool workshops either Wednesday – Thursday 11th-12th August or 15th & 16th September.

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