Seating Solutions

Do you always run out of seating at Christmas? Is there always someone sitting on a patio chair or an odd stool?  

Christmas is one of the busiest times of year for the majority of us and entertaining can get hectic in the dining room. Trying to find matching chairs to existing dining sets you have can be very difficult, but at Semper Hopkins Upholstery and Interiors, we are here to solve your dining chair worries. 

Would you like to sort your seating issues this Christmas? 

Picking the right chair for your dining seating can be difficult when you can’t find the perfect style, colour or size. From our workshop in Scholar Green, Cheshire we can tailor make the perfect industrial design seating to fit your room by finding out what will work best amongst your interiors and compliment them.  

Factors to take into consideration before you choose your perfect seating are:

  • What type of seating do you want – stools, chairs or benches, or a combination? 
  • Measurements- height, width, depth, seat height, back height and footprint of the furniture. 
  • Style- what base design would you like the seating to have, hairpin leg, cross section or a round base?
  • Material- what fabric would you like your seating to be made from? We can help you choose fabric that is both stylish and practical. 

If you are looking for some inspiration of what dining seating you could have here are some of our industrial design dining chair designs created for clients from the Cheshire based workshop: 

The Benefits Of having your Chairs, Benches or Stools Custom Made

  • You will get to design something totally personal and unique to you that no one else has. 
  • It will give your dining room a completely new look. 
  • You can mix and match fabric choosing different colour or patterns. 

Choose Colours To Coordinate With Your Open Plan Living & Kitchen Space

A client had designed an open plan kitchen and living space, they were looking for a large statement dining room set. We designed six cross-frame dining chairs to go with a large reclaimed wood dining table and bench set. The dining chair frames were powder coated in a light grey from the RAL colour range. The chair frames client chose the colour to coordinate with the kitchen. 

We helped our clients select Linwood Moleskin Velvet to upholster the chairs in, they chose a stain-resistant fabric as they have young children. Three colours were chosen; Mustard, Orange and Grey to complement the overall scheme and they were finished with button detailing. The cross design base coordinates with the bench and table base. 

Choosing Colours For Your Dining Chairs That Can Be Used In Other Rooms When They Aren’t In Use

Our clients wanted to sit at least six people at their dining table but they didn’t have enough space to leave the chairs at the table permanently. So we designed the seating so it could be used in different rooms when they weren’t in use. They chose to have a panel bench and three industrial dining chairs.  

Our clients were bold and chose three different colours for the industrial chairs. We also made a pink bench with blue, orange, and green buttons so the colours all blended together when they were in use. 

#Top tip If this is you think about which room the seating is going to be used in permanently and what colours are already in that room. We will then be able to help you tie the colour schemes together. 

Choosing Different Styles Of Dining Seating That Can Be Used In Other Rooms When They Aren’t In Use

We recently designed a dining set for clients who had specific space for the furniture to fit in, and they also wanted additional seating for special occasions. They loved our range of hairpin leg furniture. We suggested bench seating that could be pushed under the table when not in use- this saves space.  

 We’ve also designed two hair pin leg stools that will be used elsewhere in the house and occasionally used at the dining table. They’ve also chosen two hairpin leg chairs to finish the seating arrangement. These will also be upholstered in five different coloured colours from the Warwick plush velvet range- Peony, Cobalt, Zest, Paprika  and Evergreen. 

Are you interested in a new piece of bespoke seating for your home ?

We can help you. Choose from a range of stylish and funky industrial designed chairs which are suitable as a dining or desk chair, or alternatively a bench or stool. They are designed and handmade from the workshop in Scholar Green, Cheshire. During the design phase you can choose: 

  • From a range of frame designs 
  • To have one or a set 
  • From a range of fabric types and colour. 
  • To have them all the same design, or you can mix and match. 
  • To keep the natural steel frame or have it powder coated from a selection of colours. 

The end result is a completely unique piece that you’ll love which no one else will have! Get in touch to start your project call on 01260609021 or email or alternatively, use our custom furniture tool.

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