International day of happiness

International Day of Happiness is on 20th March 2022 and takes place across the UN and its focus is build back happier and make peoples wellbeing a top priority. As we will all know, with how things have been the last two years, this day of happiness might not have always been the ‘happiest’. It was much harder to do things which made us happy last year with the UK being in lockdown, not being able to see those we love and not being able to do day to day activities we once, perhaps, took for granted!

But now we are coming out of the other side, and we can get out and do things we can enjoy, and even go back to work properly! This year, I am definitely trying to get back to the norm and turn myself to something different. Recently, I have been attending pottery classes to extend my skills and be creative outside of upholstery- I love being able to create something from scratch and see the benefits of my hard work.

So how can you look after yourself and reach that state of happiness which we all love?

Self-care is extremely important….

We all need to find out what makes ourselves, individually, happy. Whether that may be a hobby or sport, something creative or even watching your favourite film or reading a book. Or your version of self-care could be putting time into your business and feeling satisfaction from the success that comes out of it. Everyone is completely different.

Know that you are never alone….

Although it is very simple to isolate ourselves in dark times, there is always someone that is supporting you and someone you can talk to. Meeting up with a friend for a walk or activity can do wonders for your mental wellbeing.

Recognise a healthy lifestyle is essential for happiness…

It is just as important to look after the inside of your body, as well as the outside and your mind. Eating healthily and getting enough sleep can drastically change the way you view your life. Exercise is also extremely important for a happy and healthy lifestyle- it can help prevent and treat anxiety and depression. Any exercise you can think will make a positive impact to your health- you don’t necessarily need to run a marathon!

 Learning new skills and hobbies…

Learning is not just for when we are young, we as humans have a psychological need for mastery in order to feel a sense of competence. Learning something new generates new brain cells and neural connections- meaning our brains will benefit from whatever we choose to engage with.

Finding your ‘flow’

Flow is an active state made popular by psychologist Mihalyi Czikszentmihalyiand has been shown to have benefits for our happiness and wellbeing.

How to find your ‘Flow’:

  • Schedule dedicated time to get engaged in a hobby which takes some skill. For example, you could choose to take up upholstery.
  • Eliminate distractions and focus on the hobby.
  • Choose something out of your comfort zone, which you wouldn’t usually go for, or perhaps choose something you have wanted to learn for a while.

If you are wanting to learn a new skill, to improve your lifestyle and think that Upholstery could be the skill for you, join us for one of our workshops where you can make a stunning piece of furniture and take some time for yourself!

This is an opportunity to make an item of furniture to treasure forever, and a reminder of the fun that we can have when we tap into our creative side. This is playing in style for creative grown-ups eager to have a fun escape from the pressures of everyday life. You can book your space here.

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