Design and make a piece of furniture for your home with Semper Hopkins

Do you find yourself constantly browsing the internet or Pinterest looking for interior inspiration or new furniture ideas? I am exactly the same. I love finding inspiration different from what is out there on the market. High street furniture can be right for some people, but if you want something a little unique or different, it is not always the place to find it.

If you have some ideas in your mind of what you may like, but can’t find what you are looking for, maybe you should consider creating it yourself! The exciting part is getting involved in the design process. Working out what type of furniture that you want, how it is going to be used. Visualising where you are going to put it in your home. This is where we can help, from our workshop in Scholar Green, Cheshire.

Choosing the piece of furniture for your home

You may already have a definitive idea in your head about what type of furniture you want, or you may just know there’s an empty space in your room that needs filling. Either way you will want to think about what type of furniture you want and what kind of size you would need. Do you need some more seating options like stools or benches, or somewhere to put your feet like one of our deep buttoned footstools? Or a storage solution such as a crate?

Where are you going to use the piece of furniture?

If you have a sparse living room which would look better with some extra pieces of furniture, you may be considering furniture such as a footstool, a new stool or a storage crate to keep the room tidy. If you are designing a piece of furniture with your kitchen in mind, you may be after a good-sized bench for extra seating at the dining table, or perhaps a couple of stools for entertaining.

Choose the fabric and colour….

When brainstorming what you want your piece of furniture to look like, you will need to take into account where it is going to be and what colours will be surrounding it. For example, if you are wanting a fabric stool for the kitchen, you will want a fabric which is durable. With colours you can be a little more daring- especially if you want a statement piece of furniture. If you have a dark room, choosing a vibrant colour can be really complimentary, and vice versa.

Decide if you want to make it yourself or we can make it for you!

This is the best part. You get to see your ideas turn into reality. You have the opportunity to make your own piece of furniture and see your plans unfold, and learn new skills to use again and again! Or if you would prefer, we can make it for you! It is the best of both worlds.

If you would like a bespoke piece of furniture made for your home, either by yourself, or by us, view our workshop calendar here. Or if you would like to get in touch directly to discuss more, email or give us a call on 01260 609021.

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