Making Time For Mum…

Making time for yourself as a mother is one of the most important things you can do as part as self-care. Of course, keeping busy and looking after your children will be a main priority, and your work if that applies. But once you have the school run wouldn’t it be nice to do something for yourself when you have a couple of hours to spare- which doesn’t involve doing something for anyone else?

Taking time out and doing something you enjoy can be anything- whether you meet up with some friends for lunch, retail therapy or maybe visiting the gym or spa; we all have something that can make us feel a little more like were doing something for US for once!

Learning new skills can be a great way of using your free time well.

If you are anything like me- I have such a busy mind and like to get creative a lot, especially with my work, thinking of new ideas at the most random parts of the day. Learning a new skill can allow you to channel that creativity into something – and the results can be amazing once you put your mind to it!

Discovering Upholstery was one of the best things I did for my wellbeing- you can visit the blog here to find out more. It allows you to create something completely unique to your tastes and the sense of pride you get when you see it in your house is unmatched. If you take up a new skill which you end up loving- you never know where it may take you, even a new career change!

Give yourself the opportunity to take a couple of hours out of a day to learn something new, or take up an old hobby- you won’t regret it!

If you like the idea of delving into your creative side, we now offer shorter day workshops at our renovated chapel in Cheshire- where you can fit an upholstery workshop into the school day (from 9.30am -2.45pm) and still get back in time to pick up your little ones – no need to find alternative childcare. You can choose from click on the link to book a space:

Deep Buttoned Storage Crate Upholstery Workshop on Wednesday 6th April or Thursday 9th June

Shallow Buttoned Storage Crate Upholstery Workshop on Thursday 5th May

Small or Large Footstool or Stool or Bench with Pleated Corners Upholstery Workshop Tuesday 26th April  or Wednesday 22nd June

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