Experiential Creative Workshop

Are you seeking activity to engage in with your team? An alternative to the usual bowling, sociable drink, building a raft, climbing a mountain, an escape room, or being trapped in a hotel room being asked to come up with new ideas! 

Something fun, creative, memorable, learning new skills, in a calming and beautiful space?

We have the perfect experience for you…..we run experiential upholstery workshops. Together, your employees will work side by side to make their own unique and eco-friendly vision / notice boards. An opportunity for them to experience:

  • Creative expression: Upholstery is a craft that allows them to explore their creative side and foster innovation. Through fabric choices, and decorative details like buttoning. They can infuse their own unique style and personality into the upholstery project, turning it into a creative expression of themselves.
  • Confidence and empowerment: Participants will gain a sense of empowerment and belief in their own unique creative potential.
  • Re-energised: By engaging their mind and body in a creative activity they are able to clear the mental clutter and re-engage their imagination returning to work and daily life re-energised and more productive.
  • Connection and communication: they will have the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals who share a passion for self-discovery and creativity.

These workshops are perfect for reward and recognition activity, team bonding or a creative activity that can be incorporated into time away from the office work to plan strategy or a business challenge. No experience is needed – complete novices are welcome.

It truly is a ‘feel good day’ where attendees will leave re-energised, feeling proud with a huge sense of achievement.

What does the workshop include and how much does it cost?

Morning workshops run from 9.30am-1pm. Afternoon workshops run from 1pm-4.30pm. A delicious afternoon style tea lunch is provided, as well as hot and cold drinks throughout the day.  

You have the option to book the workshop space for the full day. If you need the additional half day for business purposes e.g. strategy day or business planning etc. It costs £100 for the additional three and half hours. Please confirm when booking.

The workshop includes all of the materials and choice of fabric to make an upholstered vision / notice board and a workbook, theirs to take home at the end of day.

The workshop cost is £1800 for 12 participants = equivalent of £150 per person 

Book a Workshop

To make a booking for a team building workshop please complete the following steps and booking form below.
1. Confirm if you would like a morning OR afternoon creative workshop. The morning workshop runs 9.30am-1pm. The afternoon workshop runs from 1pm-4.30pm. Press continue
2. Confirm if you would like the workshop for the additional half day for business purposes either AM or PM.  This is at an additional cost of £100. If you do not require, leave the options as 0. Press continue
3. Select the date you want your workshop to take place and press continue.
4. Enter your name, email address and contact number press continue to proceed to the checkout.
5. Enter your details to process payment.  You will receive email confirmations of your booking. If you require any help with the booking please contact hello@shupholstery.co.uk or call 01260609021

Booking Process – What happens next

Step 1 – Booking Enquiry
If you would like to make a booking please complete the booking contact form. On receipt of your booking form we will send written quotation and availability for your preferred dates.

Step 2 – Confirmation 
Accept the written quotation and we will follow up with invoice.

Step 3 – Booking confirmation
Following payment we will send a detailed online booking confirmation.

Step 4 – Receive information about the event
Closer to the date we will send you relevant information for joining the workshop, parking, start times etc so you can then turn up on the day and enjoy your experience.

Further information about the day

What you will learn and what’s included

  • About the different tools and materials needed for upholstery. These are all detailed in your course handout to take home at the end of the day. You will be given a safety demonstration on how to use the tools correctly.
  • Different upholstery techniques.
  • You will be provided with all the materials, tools and fabric to make your piece of furniture.


A range of sustainable and eco friendly fabrics are included to make your furniture. Read more here


Fabric Vision / Notice Board 61cm x 61cm

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