Spring new life into your old furniture have them upholstered in Cheshire…

Are you planning on having a spring clean? Spring is the season to refresh your home and get rid of things we don’t use or like anymore. There is no better feeling than being productive and getting around to household chores we so often put off…

However, you don’t always have to throw out something old if it doesn’t quite suit your home décor. If a piece of furniture doesn’t match your home anymore, or if it looks dated – this is where we can help. From our Upholstery workshop in Scholar Green, Cheshire we can transform old pieces of furniture into new, improved versions without impacting the environment.

From Rocking chairs, Dining chairs or Armchairs, we have the experience to upholster your furniture exactly to your tastes and specifications. You will get to choose unique and statement fabrics or choose to give the woodwork a sand and polish, we can upholster the chair so it will still have character so that even with changing it, it will have elements of the chair beforehand.

Here are some examples of before and afters of furniture we have given a new lease of life:

Dining Chair Transformation….

We have just recently transformed this gorgeous set of dining chairs in ‘Plush Velvet Kingfisher’ by Warwick fabric. The chairs have been completely transformed removing the old dark cracked leather and replaced with this sumptuous bright velvet.

Rocking Chair Transformation….

Here is one of our beautiful rocking chair transformations. Our clients vintage rocking chair was their nan’s it held fond memories from their childhood. They wanted it modernising as the chair didn’t go with their decor. It was given a full transformation including frame sanding, stripping back to the frame and a complete rebuild. It was reupholstered in a modern striking print by Linwood Omega Prints Butterfly Palm Lago & Warwick Fabric Plush Velvet Kingfisher.

You can find more of our Rocking Chair transformations on our blog here.

Armchair Transformation…..

Our client’s old armchair was in need of a makeover. They wanted to make a  statement and chose to change the dull brown fabric to a gorgeous velvet from Linwood Casper Sea Green. How stunning is the contrast of the bright blue fabric against the pattern? We added some extra piping details for finishing touches and we are made up with the finished result.

Are you looking to spring new life into your old furniture?

If you fancy revamping or reinventing the furniture you already have, let’s have a chat.

We can help you:

👍Choose a fabric you will adore, as well as considering all the practical things that you might not have thought of.

👍Add design details and flourishes that will give your piece a new, unique character.

👍Adjust any aspects that need improvement. Does the woodwork need a makeover? No problem, we’ll sand and polish it. Is the seat too hard? Don’t worry, we can replace it.

The end result is a totally personal and unique rocking that you’ll love. Get in touch to start your project call on 01260609021 or complete our online quotation form

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