Do you want to learn how to upholster? Come and do it with a group.

Making time to make furniture with friends, family or work colleagues

You might think an upholstery workshop at Semper Hopkins Upholstery Interiors is only suitable for those looking to learn a new skill but you are wrong it is so much more.

Clients come to our upholstery workshops for so many different reasons: a creative activity for a group of friends wanting to reconnect, an experience day to spend with your loved ones, or a team building day for work colleagues – people of all ages and skills are welcomed with open arms.

The Upholstery Workshops we offer allow you to choose from a number of different types of furniture from Storage Crates, Stools, Footstools and Benches. We have something to suit everyone and each course is suitable for beginners.You can attend our workshops by yourself along like minded individuals, however we now offer group workshops!

From family catch ups, to meeting friends or even corporate events – we cater for group sessions and can even tailor the day- if you would like afternoon tea, lunch or drinks arranged, we can sort this!

Join us in our beautiful workspace dedicated to you & your group a converted chapel in the Cheshire countryside the perfect, idyllic setting to get creative. Leave the workshop feeling energised and fulfilled, with shared memories and stories to last a lifetime

You may not have considered a creative workshop as an activity for you or your business but there are so many positive benefits to it. The most popular reason being the huge sense of personal achievement people feel walking away with a new piece of furniture. Being able to completely disconnect from the outside world for the day. Immersing themselves into a creative experience and learning to turn a pile of materials into something they are proud of. Seeing the tangible results of their hard work which they will have a reminder off for a lifetime rather than ticking a few things off the daily list.

There’s also no need to think will it be suitable for everyone? No matter your skill level or past experience you will be treated the same. All of our clients are given the same tools, the same resources and the same teaching so there is no need to doubt that you will be taken care of and helped through the process. We love holding our workshops as it is a fun, enjoyable way of learning something new and experiencing something for yourself!

A Family Catch-Up

We recently have had the pleasure of having three sisters come to our Deep Buttoned Footstool workshop. 

It was so lovely to be a part of a family orientated day where three sisters could come and bond over learning new skills and taking home a piece of furniture which will hold those memories for them for a lifetime. 

Bringing Friends Together

We also had the pleasure of hosting a group Crate workshop for three lovely friends where they opted in for the afternoon tea option to make the day even more special. Our workshops are a great alternative to meeting up for a meal or coffee and create memories for a life time!

So, how do you book a group workshop?

1: Choose your workshop. Here you can choose the workshop length: 3, 5 or 7 hour session. Full details of each workshop type can be found here.

2: Choose if you would like any refreshments to be added to the day, we work with local businesses to cater to your group’s needs.

3: Fill in the contact form with all your details, for example your preferred date and specific workshop needs including workshop activity length and number of people. Also let us know if you would like to combine the upholstery activity with anything else like some breakout time or a local walk for example.

4: Turn up and let the fun begin! You will be taught by Emma, Director of Semper Hopkins Upholstery & Interiors in a beautiful workspace which is dedicated to you and your group. Turn up, get creative and enjoy the experience.

If you are interested in making a group booking complete the Group Bookings form here, and we will be in get back to you. Alternatively call us on 01260 609021 to discuss your needs.

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