Rocking Chair Transformations – Giving An Old Piece Of Furniture A New Lease Of Life

ReUpholstered rocking chair

Furniture can hold memories for lots of different reasons. A rocking chair passed down through generations or you may remember sitting in one during your childhood with a parent or grandparent, for instance.

These pieces of furniture are more than likely to be old and need a little tender loving care, or the fabric may need updating to fit with your decor.

We specialise in the reupholstering of family heirlooms. We love working with old furniture as each piece has its own story and character. The frames were built from quality materials and made by skilled frame makers, something that’s harder to find these days. We are passionate about preserving these dying processes and skills and we endeavour to give these old but beautiful pieces, a new lease of life. Here are a few examples of client transformations

A Family’s Old American Rocking Chair Completely Transformed

Can you believe the transformation of this old American rocking chair?

Our clients wanted it modernising to fit into their living room. They have chosen a stunning combination by Linwood Fabrics & Wallpapers. Now it’s been reinstated to its former glory, a beautiful and stylish chair.

ReUpholstered rocking chair
ReUpholstered rocking chair

Giving An Old Family Heirloom A New Lease Of Life.

We recently transformed a clients stylish mid century rocking chair. This rocking chair is a family heirloom they treasure but it didn’t match with their existing decor. So we are gave it a stylish makeover in a sumptuous printed velvet by Linwood Fabric. Dad stripped the chair, sanded and waxed the frame. It’s had new Pirelli webbing, and the frame has been completely rebuilt. Our clients were absolutely thrilled with the finished piece and couldn’t wait to get it back home.

ReUpholstered rocking chair
ReUpholstered rocking chair

Bringing A Vintage Rocking Chair Into This Century With A Full Makeover

Our clients vintage rocking chair was their nan’s it held fond memories from their childhood. They wanted it modernising as the chair didn’t go with their decor. It was given a full transformation including frame sanding, stripping back to the frame and a complete rebuild. It was reupholstered in a modern striking print by Linwood Omega Prints Butterfly Palm Lago & Warwick Fabric Plush Velvet Kingfisher.

ReUpholstered rocking chair
ReUpholstered rocking chair

Are You Looking To Give An Old Rocking Chair A Little Bit Of Tender Loving Care?

We can help you:
👍🏻Choose a fabric you will adore, as well as considering all the practical things that you might not have thought of.
👍🏻Add design details and flourishes that will give your piece a new, unique character.
👍🏻Adjust any aspects that need improvement. D0es the woodwork need a makeover? No problem, we’ll sand and polish it. Is the seat too hard? Don’t worry, we can replace it.

The end result is a totally personal and unique piece that you’ll love. Get in touch to start your project call on 01260609021 or email

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