Creating The Perfect Dining Table For Your Home From Our Cheshire Workshop

Custom reclaimed wood dining table

Are You Looking For A Table That Makes An Impact On Your Visitors But Not On The Environment? Do You Need A Dining Table That Is Both Stylish And Practical? We Can Help.

Here at Semper Hopkins, we create and design made to measure reclaimed wood dining tables which will meet your needs.

One of the reasons we use reclaimed wood for our dining tables is because we love the fact that its not mass produced. All of the pieces of furniture that we produce for our clients are unique and one of a kind. Our clients come to us because they want something that they can’t get from the high street. Semper Hopkins design something original and made to tailor their needs and stands out which is why our clients love the pieces so much. It takes more time to prepare and work with reclaimed wood, but the effort is worth it when we discover what is underneath; years of history, character and charm which is something you won’t find in new timber.

In this blog we are sharing some practical tips on what to consider before you go on your search for your reclaimed wood dining table, and some of our latest dining table creations made from our Cheshire workshop.

Things To Consider Before You Go Searching For Your New Dining Table And Seating….

You might think you are ready to go out and buy your new furniture but have you thought about the practical aspects before you buy? Consider some of  these questions before you go ahead with the search for your perfect dining table and seating.

1.How many people are going to use?
2. Are you designing it for everyday use or dinner parties as well?
3. How big do you want the table to be. What size is the room. Think about the size of the table and the seats around it- so you have enough space to move.
4. How are you going to use the room.

These are just a few of the questions we would ask you to consider when we go through the design process. So we understand your needs and you get exactly what you are looking for.

Custom made reclaimed wood dining table
custom made reclaimed wood dining table
Are You Looking For A Dining Table That You Can Enjoy With Your Family?

We did exactly this for Yvonne and we got a little choked up when we read the kind words she had written. This is one of the reasons we love to make custom made reclaimed wood dining tables for our clients family to enjoy.

“I have been a big fan of Emma’s (and her Dad’s) designs for some time and decided to invest in a dining table with accompanying benches. I am so glad I did. Our family table is the focal point of our busy household.. my busy teenagers, their friends and my friends all love sitting at our table, playing board games, chilling, snacking, dining, singing – we love it ! Emma’s attention to detail is exceptional and her Dad’s craftsmanship is outstanding.. love love it . thank you Team Semper Hopkins, grateful hugs from The JR’s in Copenhagen”

A Statement Piece Of Furniture Designed For You

We love it when we receive feedback and pictures from our clients. We had been working with them to create the perfect dining set for their kitchen diner. They loved our style of furniture and wanted something unique, they wanted to add to a splash of colour and they needed it be to a particular size.

We worked with them to design the perfect set, choosing fabrics from the Linwood Fabricrange, and getting the right sizes. I think you will agree it look amazing. Our clients were so pleased with the finished pieces they shared these kind words:

“Thank you so much. I love, love, love it. I actually had a tear in my eye when I saw it! Thank your dad for me too. A very talented duo & I’m already looking forward to the next project! “

Custom reclaimed wood dining table
custom made reclaimed wood dining table
custom made reclaimed wood dining table
Designed To Fit A Specific Space

This stylish dining table set was recently delivered to a client. They have all been custom made to size to fit a specific space in our clients new kitchen. Two new hairpin leg chairs, a hairpin leg bench with back, and a stunning reclaimed wood dining table. The chairs and bench have been upholstered in Linwood Saddle Leather Java. They were really pleased with the finished pieces.

Are You Looking For A Completely Unique Dining Table That Is Full Of Charm And Character?

We can help you:

  • Choose a table shape and size to fit your room perfectly. Will it be square, round or rectangular?
custom made reclaimed wood dining table
custom made reclaimed wood dining table
custom made reclaimed wood dining table
  • Decide on what type of reclaimed wood you would like to use. Reclaimed Mahou, Maple or Oak Parquet flooring or Pine floor boards.
custom made reclaimed wood dining table
custom made reclaimed wood dining table with industrial bench
custom made reclaimed wood dining table
  • Choose an industrial style base which will accentuate the best features of the table. For example you can choose from; hairpin leg, cross legs or a pedestal if it was round.
Industrial pin legs
Industrial steel table legs
Industrial round reclaimed wood custom made table

The end result is a completely unique piece that you’ll love and no one else will have! Get in touch to start your project call on 01260609021 or email

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