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Where do you get your interior inspiration from?

Where do you get inspiration for your interior style in your home? Lifestyle magazines, pinterest, or ‘influencers’ on social media showing you ideas from inside their own homes?
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Do you love to learn new skills? Natasha does, find out why

Do you love being in your home? Do you want your home to look like no one else’s? Do you want your home to have your style and vision, and to be filled with furniture that you’ve either learnt to make or put your own stamp on.
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February News from the workshop – Living the life you dream of, I am.

I’ve been sharing personal stories in my blog to inspire some readers out there. To let you know that it is possible to live the life you dream of, anything is possible but you are the one that has to make things happen and take action.

Top 5 reasons why you should buy an Upholstery gift experience this Christmas

Our Upholstery Workshops based in the stunning Cheshire countryside, are the perfect gift experience for people of all ages, skill sets and genders.

Why should you start an evening class in 2023?

Studying in the evening is a great way to pass the cold, dark nights and an excellent opportunity to learn a new skill, language or maybe even develop a hidden talent, as well as make new friends and socialise with like minded people. This is how I started my journey into the world of upholstery over 9 years ago.

What is going on during November and December at Semper Hopkins Upholstery?

We have a rather busy few months coming up in our workshop in Scholar Green, Cheshire, on the run up to Christmas with many of our Upholstery Workshops being held, along with creating custom made furniture and reupholstering old pieces of furniture for our customers.

How to do your bit for the environment with woollen alternatives

If you are on the look out for more sustainable brands, check out Little Beau Sheep, a business dedicated to sustainable products.

Make a piece of furniture for your home office

If you are in need of a new desk, or even new seating - we can help you.
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