The History of Semper Hopkins Upholstery & Interiors- The Big Reveal 13th July 2022

We have been super busy the last couple of months giving our stunning workshop in Cheshire a makeover. Over the past 5 years we have completely transformed the Chapel to cater to our needs and since the success of our Upholstery Workshops, we decided to make more changes to enhance the experience for our clients.

From the outside in, we have restored the building, whilst still leaving it with character and elements of the past. We love the history which the chapel has and did not want to take away from it. The outside has been rendered and given a new lease of life and it has been so rewarding to see all of the hard work pay off.

Inside the chapel, we have created a larger working space for our Upholstery Workshops and dad has been hard at work altering the work benches creating draws for all of the equipment needed for the furniture creation. We have also made a designated break out space for a time out to relax, or to have work meetings. As well as break out areas, we have installed presentation facilities including things such as white boards and a wide screen TV to present on.

Other finishing touches we thought would make a difference to the workshop include a drinks area where clients can help themselves to teas, coffees and other refreshments. Adding dedicated areas for the new equipment and tools was another, so there is much more floor space for bigger Upholstery workshop groups/ corporate events. We have found that it has opened up the workshop so much more and will provide those attending the workshop much more space to get creative. These changes allow us to still run our workshops on a bigger scale, but still have designated space to create our clients bespoke furniture.

The changes we have made over the last few years have all paid off and we cannot wait to open up the workshop doors to show all of our lovely clients and followers the improvements we have spent time on. Watch our Facebook LIVE here to take a look around the workshop.

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