Semper Hopkins Chapel Renovation continues

The 6th anniversary of Semper Hopkins Upholstery and Interiors nearly passed us by on the 30th June 2021. I was so busy working and finishing my year end accounts I nearly let it slip by without standing back to reflect on how far we have come in that time!

One of the biggest achievements other than celebrating our business anniversary, is the beautiful restoration of Kent Green Chapel in Scholar Green- the workshop in which we run our upholstery and custom-made furniture business from today! We wanted to share the journey of the renovation so you can see where it all started and where we are today.

How it all began

I used to run the business from home, but the biggest challenge we faced was space because furniture and fabrics were taking over my house. As luck would have it, the old Kent Green Methodist Chapel went up for auction in 2016 and we were the successful bidders.

Once planning permission was granted in early 2017, the renovation of our future business premises began with my dad in charge of sympathetically restoring the chapel. The last service was held at the chapel about three or four years ago previous to this, and the building stood empty until it was bought at auction. The building had literally been left as it was with all the old service books and lectern.

Since then, the 19th-century building has been painstakingly restored and converted into a workshop studio for the business. Which is used to produce beautiful custom-made industrial style furniture and upholstery. The chapel holds many special memories for the community of Scholar Green, and we wanted to restore it to its former glory.

Lots of work commenced during the renovation, including fixing the roof and the windows. We removed some of the old plaster to expose bare brick walls, and we’ve also done new plastering. Plus, the original floor has been repaired, treated for dry rot and woodworm, cleaned and polished. We’ve also added a new log burner, updated the electrics and painted throughout to name but a few!

The chapel garden has also got a makeover with new gravel to cover the old tarmac. Introduction of new flower beds to add some colour. We also made a feature of the memorial bench and plaque.

In March 2018 the workshop officially opened, and we relaunched with a rebrand and new website.

Over the years you have seen us lovingly restore Kent Green Methodist Chapel on Cinderhill Lane.

Like any old building the renovations never stop and the chapel has been undergoing some restoration over the last few weeks.

Cracks and holes have appeared in the external pointing and it could no longer go ignored. Dad has been painstakingly grinding out the pointing on the external walls of the chapel. It has then been repointed by hand by Steve & Simon. Hats go off to the all of them for the hard work they have been doing over the past few weeks. It’s going to look amazing when its finished. We will continue to look after and restore this beautiful building whilst it is in our hands.

The outside of the chapel has had a makeover and we needed to complete the look with new signs.

A big thank you to Mark The Oakman who has made this gorgeous new sign. Our logo has been etched into this beautiful reclaimed oak which follows our values of restoring old furniture and making our industrial furniture from reclaimed materials.

Mum and dad have been lovingly taking care of the chapel garden adding lots of summer colour.

The final parts of the external restoration will include repainting all of the beautiful windows and masonry work which will take place later this year.

If you want to see all of the hard work in person to start an upholstery project or custom made piece of furniture call to book an appointment with us on 01260609021 or email

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