Rocking new life into your rocking chair!

Do you have an old rocking chair that’s been in the family for years, it holds many memories for you but is now worn? It’s miserably sat outside in the garage or shed because you can no longer use it and you don’t know where to start with the restoration. 

Or does it just need a new lease of life as the upholstery of your rocking chair no longer fits with your interior? Instead of throwing away something that has been in your family for years and replacing it with a new chair with no memories, you can have it reupholstered to be like new to suit your taste and interiors. 

At our upholstery workshop in Cheshire we have done many chair transformations and it’s something we love to do! We love hearing about our clients’ stories, the history of the chair and what memories it holds. Each piece is unique, and we love to bring our customers’ ideas into reality. Not only will you be reaping the benefits of a new and improved version of your rocking chair, it’ll also be beneficial for the environment as there will be less waste! 

From choosing unique and statement fabrics or choosing to give the woodwork a sand and polish, we can upholster the chair so it will still have character so that even with changing it, it will have elements of the chair beforehand.  

Here’s the story of one previous client chair transformations to give you an idea of how you can rock new life into your rocking chair…..


We had an initial chat with Helen over the phone. She had a rocking chair that had previously belonged to her dad but unfortunately he had passed away. Helen wanted the rocking chair back in use, but it was sadly sitting in the garage as it needed repairing, new reupholstery and fabric.    

We asked Helen to send some pictures of the chair through and we had a chat about the work that needed to be carried out. Ideally we like to see the chair in person so we can do a full inspection of the chair to see what work needs to be carried out. As one of the first questions we get asked is how much will it cost to do? Each chair is individual and by going through this process allows us to see what work needs carrying out and the materials that are needed. 

Following this process with Helen we concluded the chair needed fully stripping back to the frame, the frame needed repairing, the wood work was sanded back to the natural wood and polished with clear wax, it needed new springs, and complete reupholstery with new top fabric. Once we were finished with the chair it would be like new.

Choosing the Fabric

This is an important part of the design process, making sure you have a stylish fabric to suit your tastes, as well as being practical and hard wearing. We don’t want you to go to the expense of having your chair reupholstered for it to be redone in a few years’ time because the fabric is worn out. Helen explained the colours that she liked, who would be using the chair, and what else was going on with the room interior so that we could shortlist a number of fabrics. Samples of these were then ordered and sent to Helen’s home so they could be seen in your own environment. Once your fabric choice is made the quote is finalised and you agree for the work to commence. Helen chose a vibrant coloured weave from the Linwood Lundy range called Gold ‘Leaf a stylish’, a practical fabric with a stain resistant finish.

Laying the Foundations 

Your rocking chair starts its transformation in Dad’s (Ian’s) workshop. He was so quick with this one I didn’t get the opportunity to take a before photo. It’s measured up for all the new materials and templates are taken. The chair is then stripped back to the frame. Helen’s chair was sanded, repaired and then finally the woodwork was waxed with a natural polish. Lots of work goes into the rocking chair at this stage to make sure the foundations are strong.

Reupholstery of the Rocking Chair  

The Rocking Chair then moves into the reupholstery workshop for Emma to start work on it. When we did the consultation with Helen we agreed what design flourishes the chair would have and how she wanted to keep some of the original button detailing and piping. This was replicated in the finished chair as well as the shaped seat. We did this to keep as much of the original character as possible.

Finished Rocking Chair back in its rightful place

The chair is now finished and rocking its new life back at home. Helen was so thrilled with the chair transformation she shared her experience and these lovely pictures.

“A massive thank you to Emma and her Dad, for beautifully reupholstering and restoring my fathers’ rocking chair. He bought it 50 plus years ago, but in recent years it sat neglected in the garage. Sadly, my lovely Dad passed away in August and he’s greatly missed. pastedGraphic.png

We’re so pleased to have his chair home in time for Christmas. It’s perfect! I can’t recommend Semper Hopkins enough – will be booking on to one of their workshops next year pastedGraphic_1.png

Are you looking to rock new life into your old rocking chair?

If you fancy revamping or reinventing the furniture you already have, let’s have a chat. 

We can help you:

👍Choose a fabric you will adore, as well as considering all the practical things that you might not have thought of.

👍Add design details and flourishes that will give your piece a new, unique character.

👍Adjust any aspects that need improvement. Does the woodwork need a makeover? No problem, we’ll sand and polish it. Is the seat too hard? Don’t worry, we can replace it.

The end result is a totally personal and unique rocking that you’ll love. Get in touch to start your project call on 01260609021 or complete our online quotation form

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