Make Memories this Mother’s Day and celebrate with an Upholstery Workshop in Cheshire

After the last 2 years, making plans and being able to stick to them has been more difficult than ever with restrictions and local lockdowns. This has meant unfortunately, for some of us, we haven’t been able to celebrate events such as birthdays, Mother & Father’s Days and Christmas. Now that things are easing, why not take the chance to treat your mum this Mother’s Day to an upholstery workshop experience in Cheshire, that she will remember for a lifetime?

Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to show your mum how much you appreciate and love her. Of course, gifts can be a lovely way of showing this, but nothing (I don’t think) beats spending quality time with a loved one. Making memories with your mum will always be something that will be remembered and cherished in a way that a physical present can’t be.

Whether you choose to take your mum for a lovely meal, to a spa or even an outdoors activity, it’ll be something she remembers for life. Our Upholstery workshops are a great activity for a mother and daughter/son to do together. You will create a unique piece of furniture, a memento of the day you shared together as well as all the fun memories you create along the way.

Why consider an upholstery workshop experience?

Buying an upholstery workshop experience, for a loved one this Mother’s Day can be a much more creative, personal idea than a gift that you may buy in a rush at the last minute (don’t worry, we have all been there!).

After the last few years we’ve not been able to celebrate Mother’s Day like we usually would. Why not take the opportunity this year to share a special experience with your loved one, you will create lots of wonderful memories and stories that you can look back on in years to come.

During the upholstery workshop, you will learn how to make a beautiful footstool which you will proudly take home at the end of the day. The buzz of the day will continue when you get home. Imagine sharing fun pictures with each other with the footstools in situ. It will be a talking point amongst friends and family in weeks and months to come as they see your new stool and they will ask where you made it, and you will be able to retell your experience time and time again.

Disconnect from the outside world for the day, turn off your mobile phones and immerse yourself in the creative experience. Being able to learn something new and experience it in a beautiful environment can be an exciting activity to look forward to.

Footstool workshop

We recently asked one of our mother daughter duos, Elizabeth and Jane, about their upholstery workshop experience with us…

During COVID, were you and your daughter apart for a long time?

“Throughout the year we had very limited opportunities to meet, other than video calls from March to mid-October when we met up for a picnic in a park for the first time, our next meeting was a picnic on Christmas Eve in a park. Greater Manchester was in more levels of Lockdown throughout all of this time. We then met on the 1st April for a picnic, I think some levels had changed. Unexpectedly, but very exciting she came for coffee on the 24th April at home in the garden to tell us that she was expecting!  We then of course attended the workshop on the 28th April – which was originally and hopefully depending on restrictions the first time we were expecting to meet..”

Is there a particular reason why you sought out an upholstery workshop experience?

“Elizabeth loves any kind of craft and had always wanted to learn more about upholstery. I had seen your workshop on Facebook and thought Elizabeth would enjoy the day as well as making it a special and memorable time together given all the above. We wanted to do something together.”

Did you enjoy your time together?

“Absolutely – we always do, she’s great at looking after me! She adored seeing me use Power tools apparently!”

Which part of the upholstery workshop did you enjoy the most?

“Everything- Choosing our material, we liked the detailed process, the new techniques we loved the button making and getting them perfectly in line on our boxes! With your expert guidance and tutoring, you were very patient and kept all things operational throughout the day but with time to complete with ease for all the ladies. Elizabeth adored the venue she thought it was beautiful (I did too). We also thought it very safe given the COVID restrictions at the time – very important. Lots of chatting, not just with each other, great to see how it was going for all the other ladies too.”

Would you do something like this again?

“Yes I think we would – especially for a day out just the two of us at some stage when Theo is a little older.”

What are the things you remember most about the experience?

“A wonderful experience of learning something new together and seeing it all come to fruition, we are very proud of our crates- they are in use daily in our homes.”

Create a piece of furniture to treasure forever and memories to last a lifetime

At our Upholstery Workshops, our clients learn a range of new upholstery skills, take time to relax and get creative and at the end of the day have a bespoke piece of furniture to take home. An item to treasure forever and a reminder of the joy that comes from learning and experiencing new things. These are great craft workshops to do with family and loved ones. This is playing in style for creative grown-ups eager to have a fun experience and escape from everyday life.

Jane and Elizabeth (mum and daughter) experienced an upholstery workshop together and loved the experience.

“My daughter and I have had a fantastic day on the upholstery workshop creating a cushion for a crate to use for extra storage for any room. Great to sit on to and put your feet up! Having limited knowledge of upholstery it was a great way to learn about what tools are needed and how to go about building the cushion. The day was well planned out and every stage covered and absolutely no time pressure in fact the time flew by. What a sense of achievement getting the corners just right and the buttons perfectly in place. Above all for me was the opportunity for my daughter and I to get together to make a special memory after a year pretty much apart. A great workshop”

What’s included in the day?

  • You make a footstool each. A choice of footstool size (small or large). We will provide you with all the materials, tools and a choice of  fabric. When you book your space please confirm your fabric either Warwick Plush Velvet, Warwick Krayola, Warwick Dolly  or Warwick Flowerbomb Velutto
  • Hot Refreshments throughout the day 
  • For lunch indulge in a special afternoon tea supplied by Ginger Fool Afternoon Tea
  • It all takes place in our beautiful workshop, a converted chapel in Scholar Green Cheshire.
  • The workshops will run on Friday 25th March 2022 from 9.30am – 2.45pm. We keep the class size to no more than eight people so you will get lots out of the day
  • The upholstery workshop is only suitable for over 18s.

What does it cost…

Tickets will cost £340 per couple (£170 each). Pricing includes creating a footstool each, fabric, teaching, afternoon tea and hot refreshments.

To book a place please email your contact name, phone number and email address to we will send you further information.

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