Making a Mark in the Chapel’s History

Having taken on the chapel in 2016, it wasn’t just a physical renovation we were undertaking, we were also becoming part of the history of this beautiful building that originated in the village in 1892.

Ivan Kirkham officially opened the workshop for us in March 2018. It seemed very poignant & personal to us as He was the last custodian & warden of the chapel when it closed in 2014. We welcomed people from the community to see the building renovation & we’ve heard so many wonderful stories of days gone by of how the chapel was used by so many people from the village for pantomimes, youth clubs, marriages, christenings and many other memorable occasions.

If you have your own chapel story for us or photographs, we would love to hear and see them. You are welcome to email them to

Now in 2022 we are making more improvements to restore the old chapel so it can be used to run group upholstery workshops, as well as continuing to upholster & make custom made furniture. We envision the space being enjoyed  by lots of new people as they join us in an upholstery workshop building memories and creating furniture, which we hope will be talked about for many years to come. Hopefully making a mark on the chapel’s history.

We will be coming to you over the following week with the progress of the renovation. You can follow us on Facebook lives or continue reading our blogs to see the latest updates.

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