Make the most of your kitchen space with booth and banquette seating

Have you been looking for some new kitchen seating inspiration, but bored of the usual chairs and bench seating combination?

Why consider Banquette and booth seating as an option. We’ve recently completed a project with a client that completely renovated their kitchen and were looking to introduce fitted banquet seating to optimise the space and number of people they could seat. As well as having a really comfortable area to dine and relax in.

You will probably be most familiar with banquette seating in pubs, restaurants and cafes. Banquette and Booth seating designs are a great alternative to dining sets as it can add a quirky finish to the overall interior design of a room. Not only do they look great, but they are actually more practical a lot of the time – especially if you like to entertain at your home. What makes Banquettes even better is that you can maximise seating space and often be a more comfortable option to sitting on individual dining chairs.

As this type of seating design will of course be in an area subject to food and drink spillages, we would highly recommend and source fabric which is durable. You will want to take into consideration if the fabric is wipe-clean, or a fabric with good stain hiding properties.

What is the process for banquette/booth seating?

Well, most commonly, in order for the seating to be fitted correctly, there will need to be a pre-installation survey carried out by either your joiner or professional installer, before fitting the fabric seating, which will be installed at a later date. We can work alongside them to understand your requirements and we will carry out the upholstery work required.

What style would you go for?

There are different styles and designs available, here’s a few examples;

Plain back – As it sounds, plain back is a simple, cost-effective option, giving clean, simple lines. Plain backs can be livened up with a patterned fabric, which provides detail without additional upholstery cost.

Fluted – Fluted back is an elegant effect that adds more depth. There are many different types of flutes including Full Flute, Pocket Flute & Stitch Flute.

Buttoned Backed – Whether its deep button, float button, square stitched button back, there are many options available. Button back is a simple way of adding more texture and breaking up the straight lines of a plain back banquette.

A recent project showing Fluted Banquette Seating

Our client was recently undertaking a large house renovation project which included the installation of a new kitchen and built-in banquette seating and a window seat.

They installed banquette seating to optimise the seating capacity in the space as it was built into a corner. It can often be comfier as you have more space to relax once the meal is over. The other benefit of this style seating is the seat bases were removable so that they could make use of the storage space. They opted for a fluted design which is an elegant design and adds more depth.

The client specified a practical fabric that could be wiped clean. We recommended Warwick Ultra Mushroom, a highly practical vinyl available in a wide range of chic bright modern colours as well as a natural colour palette. Ultra benefits from a malleable handle and textural natural grain. It is suitable for commercial and domestic use.

Would you like help to optimise your space with booth or banquette style seating? We can help with the upholstery design and choosing the perfect fabric.

Book a consultation today to discuss your ideas or fill in our contact form with your information and we will get back to you.

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