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5th November 2020

COVID 19 message

With the announcement over the weekend of a new lockdown, we want to reassure you that here at Semper Hopkins Upholstery and Interiors we will remain open for business as we can work safely from the workshop. We can continue to work with clients over the phone, email or video conferencing. If appointments are required to […]

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6th October 2020

A story of a Monkey, a Puzzle and a Tree…

A story that starts with a tree which’s name resonates with the reader… Originally the tree’s name is Araucaria and it originates from Argentina and Chile. The tree came to the United Kingdom in 1834. One man seeing the tree for the first time said: ‘Climbing it, would be a puzzler for a monkey.’ Here […]

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14th September 2020

The spark that lights the fire

My Story Looking back on how I went from working in Food Retail at the Co-operative to having my own upholstery brand it all started when I wanted to furnish my new home. Sometimes that is all it is, one moment that changes your path forever…. I wanted our new home to have unique period […]

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1st June 2020

Choosing the right colour fabric for your furniture

Our latest blog covered fabric: the basics including setting your budget, fabric durability, and caring for it! We wanted to give you some practical guidance on where to start your search.- choosing the right fabric may seem like an arduous process. The first thing you need is, an idea of how much you want to […]

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18th May 2020

Fabrics: The basics

Are new to the world of upholstery? Choosing the right fabric may seem like an arduous process. This is understandable considering all of the fabric types, colour and design that are available. How do you choose the one which is right for you? Before you pick the colour and design of your new upholstery fabric, […]

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5th May 2020

Choosing the right bar stool for you home

The kitchen is no longer a room we use just for preparing food for many its also used for socialising with our friends and family. Many of our homes today are open plan kitchen and dining spaces with a feature island. We personally designed our kitchen to be open plan and have an island at […]

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28th April 2020

A client’s journey…how to get your very own custom made furniture

Last week we gave you our top five tips on what you need to think about before you buy a new dining table. This week we are sharing a clients story and our customer journey with you. Clients often ask us how does it work having a piece designed and custom made for them; from […]

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14th April 2020

Buying a new Reclaimed Wood Dining Table? Our Top Five Tips on what you need to think about before you buy.

In a previous blog called is a table just a table? we brought you some client stories and about what makes a house a home and they shared how their table set the mood for their homes. You may think buying a new dining table is a straight forward decision, how hard can it be! Then […]

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6th April 2020

5 ways to declutter and make the most of it

Home should be our place of sanctuary and we may be confined to our homes for the short term. It is during times like these that our homes should be a happy place where we enjoy spending time. If you are not happy in your home it will greatly affect your mood and the people […]

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30th March 2020

5 Things to make your home work-friendly

Many of us already work from home full or part-time but the recent lockdown means a lot more families have been unexpectedly faced with this situation without being able to plan for it. This is obviously a huge change for households and it will bring with it some additional challenges like separating work from home […]

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