Upholstery Is For Everyone…

You might think an upholstery workshop at Semper Hopkins Upholstery Interiors is only suitable for those looking to learn a new skill but you are wrong it is so much more.

Clients come to our upholstery workshops for so many different reasons: a creative activity for a group of friends wanting to reconnect, an experience day with a friend or loved one, an individual wanting to have a creative day and some time just for themself or to learn a new hobby – people of all ages and skills are welcomed with open arms.

You may not have considered a creative workshop as an activity for you or your business but there are so many positive benefits to it. The most popular reason being the huge sense of personal achievement people feel walking away with a new piece of furniture. Being able to completely disconnect from the outside world for the day. Immersing themselves into a creative experience and learning to turn a pile of materials into something they are proud of. Seeing the tangible results of their hard work which they will have a reminder off for a lifetime rather than ticking a few things off the daily list.

There’s also no need to think will it be suitable for everyone? No matter your skill level or past experience you will be treated the same. All of our clients are given the same tools, the same resources and the same teaching so there is no need to doubt that you will be taken care of and helped through the process. We love holding our workshops as it is a fun, enjoyable way of learning something new and experiencing something for yourself!

Here are some client experiences from our latest upholstery workshops;

Spend time with a loved one and build memories to last a lifetime

Tori surprised her Dad with a creative upholstery workshop for his Christmas present. They recently joined us in February for a storage crate upholstery workshop  and loved the whole experience.

Dad and I have just had the BEST day ever with Emma Semper Hopkins guiding through our first upholstery project at Semper Hopkins Upholstery & Interiors. Emma’s teaching skills, calm and patient nature, and thorough explanations made the journey so smooth. The setting in a former chapel converted to her workshop was a lovely ambience. And sharing it with my dad was the icing on the cake. Dad was a natural, whizzing along and helping me out. We did a button each on my stool, what a fun experience, already planning what we can work on next!

Share the experience with a friend and reconnect in a creative environment

“My friend and I attended the deep buttoned footstool workshop and we thoroughly enjoyed it. A totally different experience doing something that we certainly didn’t think we’d be capable of making. Emma is a wonderful teacher, helping and supporting throughout. You get to come home with a gorgeous footstool that is handmade by YOU!

The workshop is held in the lovely little chapel, it’s a wonderful experience that everyone should certainly get involved in or give as a present. A very memorable day, we loved it “

It is such a lovely experience for us to see friends reconnect and build memories whilst making a piece of furniture to treasure forever. Moments of laughter which I’m very grateful to be a part of especially over the last couple of years not being able to see each other properly.

Making time for yourself…..a creative day out and a lovely way to meet people

What an amazing workshop I had today. Emma was so inviting & helpful throughout our entire time creating the Deep Buttoned Footstool. I have always wanted to do an upholstery workshop, and can honestly say I had the best time ever!!!

We loved hearing Kirsty’s kind review from our deep buttoned upholstery workshops. Our clients making a piece of furniture that can be treasured for lifetime makes all of their hard work worthwhile.

Come to learn a new skill

“This is the third course I’ve taken with Emma and it surpassed the others. It was a great experience full of laughs and learning. I also met some great people in the process. Emma has a great way of teaching and putting everyone at ease. She takes what looks very complex and turns it into something that is quite straightforward and achievable by all. I would recommend all of Emma’s courses to anyone.”

Since Nigel joined us for his first upholstery workshop, he has got hooked on the enjoyment of creating and learning new skills. It is such a rewarding feeling to know that our upholstery workshops are encouraging others to bite the bullet and find a hobby that makes them happy- not to forget the stunning pieces of furniture which come after as a result.

If you are wanting to learn a new skill in 2022 and think that Upholstery could be the skill for you, join us for one of our workshops where you can make a stunning piece of furniture and take some time for yourself! 

This is an opportunity to make an item of furniture to treasure forever, and a reminder of the fun that we can have when we tap into our creative side. This is playing in style for creative grown-ups eager to have a fun escape from the pressures of everyday life. You can book your space here.

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