How you can design your own footstool in four easy steps

Footstools are not only a useful piece of to rest your feet they can also double up as a coffee table, or storage solution.

We often get asked to make footstools to either complement a chair that we have transformed or like the story of this client, they were looking for a statement footstool to make an impact in their living room. They were looking to add a pop of colour as well tie the whole living room colour scheme of grey and pink together. They had searched high and low on the internet and couldn’t find what they were looking for.

We thought it would be useful to show you how the process works. It’s really not all that arduous. We take the pain out of this for here an idea how it all works in four easy steps;

Step 1. Choosing Fabric

Lynda visited us in March, with pictures of their room and some samples of cushions to get a good idea of what they were looking for. We took then through fabric sample books for inspiration choosing a beautiful geometric fabric from Linwood (detail name). It incorporated all the colours they were looking for and a stylish geometric diamond design.

We ordered them a fabric sample so they could see what it was like at home in the room light. This is really important to do as colour can change in different light settings.

Step 2. Size

What size would you like it to be? Might sound like a simple question. It’s been custom made so you can have it to the exact height, length and width you want it to be.

Our client’s footstool was doubling up as a coffee table as well as a footstool. They wanted it to be long as they had a large L shaped sofa. Choosing the right height so it wasn’t too uncomfortable to put your feet upon and too low so you were stooping to get your drink from it. We reached an agreement and the design was nearly there.

Step 3. Choosing the Legs or Feet.

There are an array of different leg styles to choose from as well as different materials e.g. wood or metal. A good place to start with your selection is what other legs are on your sofa and chairs. Do you want them to coordinate in shape and colour.

For this particular design the client chose a turned wooden leg that was similar to there sofa. The legs were finished in a dark wax to match the rest of their furniture.

Step 4. What upholstery design features do you want your stool to have?

What do you want your footstool to look like? Do you want it to have buttons, piping, keep it simple and let the fabric do the talking! You can bring along your ideas or we help you through this showing you different options available.

Our clients design was kept relatively simple as the fabric was the statement and didn’t need to be over complicated. Adding a design flourish to the corners with double pleats. It was finished off with the beautiful dark wooden legs.

It now takes centre stage in their beautiful living room.

What are the benefits of having a footstool custom made?

– you get to choose the exact size you are looking for rather than compromising.

– you get to choose the exact fabric design and colour. Rather than choosing something that isn’t quiet right.

-you get to add design details to complement the rest of your room decor or add a statement.

– you get a piece of furniture designed just for you, and it doesn’t take as long as you think with lead time from approx 10 weeks.

If you would like help starting a project for your custom made footstool get in touch via email at or book a consultation to chat through your ideas.

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