Dining Chair Upholstery Makeovers from the Cheshire based Workshop

Do you have a set of dining chairs which need a revamp or simply don’t match your interiors anymore? There is no need to waste a perfectly good set of chairs when you have the chance to give them a completely new look! Instead of going out and buying a whole new dining set you can really get creative with fabrics to revamp your dining chairs and have the opportunity to have something completely different to what is on the high street.

The Benefits of Reupholstered Dining Chairs:

  • You will get to design something totally personal and unique to you that no one else has.
  • It will match your existing furniture, so you don’t have to replace the whole dining room suite.
  • It will give your dining room a completely new look
  • You are helping the environment by not sending your existing ones to landfill.

 ‘ A Sympathetic Makeover’

The original design of these dining chairs were already lovely as they were, but we have made improvements on them to make them even more beautiful and given them a new lease of life!

Here are the steps we have made to create the final result;

  • The Dining chairs have been stripped back, repaired and polished.
  • They have been completely rebuilt with new materials so that they can meet FR standards.
  • Upholstered in the Sumptuous Plush Velvet from Warwick Fabrics.
  • Each chair has been individually hand studded to give an individual design flourish and finish off the chair beautifully.

Adapting Antique Furniture to Modern Day Interiors

Our client had recently renovated her dining room and kitchen and came to us because she wanted to revive her old antique dining chairs so they coordinated with her new interior scheme. We worked with our client to find fabric and a design combination to work with her kitchen scheme. This led to the decision of choosing a combination of patterned and plain velvet fabrics.

We were part way through the transformation of our clients dining chairs. We had originally agreed on the design to have double piping. When it came to putting the final piece together with the double piping we thought it looked a little bulky. To avoid this, I worked up another finish with single piping.

Our client came back into the workshop to see progress and decide on the final finish. They chose the revised option. This is the beauty of working with us: you get exactly what you are looking for and have our expertise to guide you through the process.

The design and detailing of these dining chairs were already beautiful, but we’ve improved them to increase longevity and give them a freshen up! During the makeover we took these steps;

– The dining chairs have been repaired as the frames were all wobbly and loose.

-They’ve been completely rebuilt with new materials to meet FR standards.

– Upholstered in the sumptuous Omega Velvet by Linwood Fabric and Geometry Rhombus Electric by Warwick Fabrics.

-Each chair has been individually finished with single and double piping to add a design flourish.

Are you Dining Chairs Ready for the Tip? Look at How We Saved This Set

We gave this set of four dining chairs a new lease of life. Our client was ready to throw them in the skip, but we reassured her we can make them like new. The chairs have been stripped back, upholstered with new materials and finished in the sumptuous combination of Plush Velvet Hunter and Tarmac from Warwick Fabrics. We’ve chosen a fabric that looks stunning but is also practical and easy to clean as they have a young family.

I often show you the finished pictures of chairs when they have gone through the full transformation.

I thought it would be interesting to show you some stages of what goes on behind the scenes. This particular set of dining chairs were stripped back to the frame and rebuilt with new materials.

We then had to make new covers for the chairs which were all sewn and then upholstered onto the chair frames. This was done by:

-Unpicking an existing cover,

-Using the parts to make two sets of templates,

-The first one of these was sewn together to check the shape and fit.

-The second set was used as a template to make the new covers.

As you can see, they look and feel like new just when our client was ready to throw them in the skip!

Are you looking to give your dining chairs a new lease of life with an upholstery transformation??

We can help you:

  • Choose a fabric you will adore, as well as considering all the practical things that you might not have thought of.
  • Add design details and flourishes that will give your piece a new, unique character.
  • Adjust any aspects that need improvement. Does the woodwork need a makeover? No problem, we’ll sand and polish it. Is the seat too hard? Don’t worry, we can replace it.

The end result is a completely unique piece that you’ll love which no one else will have! Get in touch to start your project call on 01260609021 or email hello@shupholstery.co.uk

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