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A story of a Monkey, a Puzzle and a Tree…

A story that starts with a tree which’s name resonates with the reader… Originally the tree’s name is Araucaria and it originates from Argentina and Chile. The tree came to the United Kingdom in 1834. One man seeing the tree for the first time said: ‘Climbing it, would be a puzzler for a monkey.’

Here at Semper Hopkins Upholstery & Interiors, we believe in furniture with a story that is why we are making pieces from our very own Monkey Puzzle Tree.

The monkey puzzle wood has a strong connection to the family as it was from Emma’s garden. Unfortunately, it had to be taken down. That is why we wanted to do something special with the timber. We had it milled and it has been drying for a number of years. We are now able to use it to make beautiful pieces like these coffee tables, desks and console tables.

Each piece of wood is completely unique, that’s one of a kind, full of charm and character. We are creating beautiful pieces like these coffee tables that are finished with a bespoke industrial frame made by Aclumlow Hall Forge.

We are making a variety of console tables, side tables, desks and other custom made creations from this stunning wood. If you would like your very own piece of furniture custom made from this beautiful wood get in touch on 01260609021 or email your ideas to hello@shupholstery.co.uk

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