What types of dining chairs can you transform?

Are you unsure on whether your type of dining chair can be transformed? Look no further, in this blog we will be showing you the types of dining sets we have had the pleasure of updating and transforming to give you some ideas on how your furniture can be saved from the tip. We have done a range of projects from antique furniture, to modern day dining sets so be sure to know we can help you on your upholstery journey.  


Our client had recently renovated her dining room and kitchen and came to us because they wanted to revive her old antique dining chairs so they coordinated with the new interior scheme. We worked with our client to find fabric and a design combination to work with the kitchen scheme. This led to the decision of choosing a combination of patterned and plain velvet fabrics. 

The design and detailing of these dining chairs were already beautiful, but we’ve improved them to increase longevity and give them a freshen up! During the makeover we took these steps; 

– The dining chairs have been repaired as the frames were all wobbly and loose. 

-They’ve been completely rebuilt with new materials to meet FR standards. 

– Upholstered in the sumptuous Omega Velvet by Linwood Fabric and Geometry Rhombus Electric by Warwick Fabrics. 

-Each chair has been individually finished with single and double piping to add a design flourish. 

This tired set of dining chairs are over forty years old. The client had been looking for a new set but couldn’t find anything as comfy plus they go with the original table. We gave them a full makeover removing the dated old tassels and studs. They were not recognisable when we had finished! 

The style of this next set was already lovely but the client wanted them updating in a more modern fabric to go with the rest of their interior scheme. During their transformation journey we: 

  • Stripped the chairs back to remove the existing fabric
  • Cleaned the chairs alongside with waxing and polishing the wood.
  • Rebuilt with new foam and materials where it was needed.
  • Upholstered the fabric in the sumptuous Grey Linn Amber Velvet by Warwick Fabrics.
  • Each chair has  been individually finished with single and double piping to add a design flourish. 



French Style

Are you looking to be brave and bold with your fabric choice? The chair featured shows how you can mix pattern and plain. 

We upholstered the seatbacks in a striking printed Liberty velvet. Each one looked like a picture and was framed beautifully with the dark navy double piping. The chair seats got upholstered in Warwick Plush Velvet. The seats were upholstered in this fabric for two reasons; Plush Velvet is so soft, yet hard-wearing—the Rub Test of over 100,000 means it exceeds UK requirements for both domestic and contract upholstery. Plush Velvet is a super EasyClean quality that helps to repel liquids – there really is no reason not to love this fabric! The wooden chair frames also had some attention. They were all glued as the joints had become weak. They were all cleaned, waxed, and polished to complete the transformation. 



The design of these dining chairs were already lovely but we’ve made them even more beautiful & given them new lease of life. There were a few steps the dining set went through before the end result and this was; 

  • The dining chairs have been stripped back, repaired and polished.
  • They’ve been completely rebuilt with new materials to meet FR standards.
  • Upholstered in the sumptuous Plush Velvet from Warwick.
  • Each chair was individually hand-studded to give an individual design flourish and finish off the chair. 




We love it when our clients choose vibrant colours, not only one but three!! 

Our client chairs had done their job well but were looking a little tired and the fabric was worn out having been used over the years by the family. The chairs were perfectly solid but needed a refresh and clean. They chose a luxurious and practical velvet fabric by Warwick. The chairs were stripped back and completely reupholstered. They were thrilled with the finish and left us this review. 

“I’ve had six dining chairs reupholstered by Emma. Lovely service, choice of fabrics posted out to me to help make the decision in the home amongst other furnishings easier. Chairs cleaned and given much needed tlc as well. There is a need to support these small niche businesses. Especially as we live In a world of easy disposal of items that become tired or broken, Emma has put new life back into my chairs. Thank you! 👏



This set of four dining chairs have been given a new lease of life. Our client was ready to throw them in the skip but we reassured her we can make them like new. The chairs were stripped back, upholstered with new materials and finished in the sumptuous combination of Plush Velvet Hunter and Tarmac from Warwick Fabrics. They chosen a fabric that looks stunning but is also practical and easy to clean as they have a young family.

Are you looking to give your dining chairs a new lease of life? 

We can help you:

👍🏻 choose a fabric you will adore as well as considering all the practical things that you might not have thought of.

👍🏻 add design details and flourishes that will give your piece a new, unique character.

👍🏻 adjust any aspects that need improvement. Woodwork need a makeover? No problem, we’ll sand and polish it. Seat too hard, don’t worry we can replace it. 

The end result is a totally personal and unique piece that you’ll love. Get in touch to start your project call on 01260609021 or email  hello@shupholstery.co.uk 

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