Top three tips on how to choose for your upholstery project

Are you thinking about having a go at your first upholstery project, or maybe you’ve already had a go and thinking about choosing your next one. I wanted to share my top three tips on how to choose your project.

1. Choose something simple and small

You are enthusiastic and ready to start your upholstery project but what do you choose for your first piece as there is so much to go at? You could be thinking I’m going to reupholster my sofa, or I’d love to try reupholstering a wingback chair. In my personal opinion I would choose something simple and small to start off with. What do I mean by this – something like a dining chair with a drop in seat, maybe an ottoman with an upholstered top, or a small footstool.

These pieces of furniture require a number of simple upholstery techniques to complete. So if you are new to learning upholstery it won’t feel as overwhelming.

These types of furniture are also small enough for you to handle, and lift. If you don’t have a dedicated workspace they are also small enough to complete on a kitchen table or a small workbench.

The big bonus point about simple and small projects is that you are more likely to complete them. People can underestimate how much time upholstery takes to do. If you have limited time you don’t want to choose a project that is going to take you days to complete as it is very unlikely that you will finish it. If you are completely new to upholstery a small dining chair seat will take you a couple of hours to complete – this would include stripping, adding new foam, and your fabric fabric.

2. Choose a project you are interested in.

Do you struggle to finish projects, either you run out of energy or just can’t be bothered? Choose to work on a piece that you love or have an interest in. You will have more motivation and passion to finish a project that has a purpose and that sparks your interest.

3. Choose something that you are going to use

This may sound like a really simple suggestion but choose an upholstery project that you are going to use. I hate waste so please don’t work on a piece of furniture that doesn’t have a purpose. It will be a waste of your time and money. For example your dining chairs are going to be used everyday, a footstool will be used regularly as well as an ottoman seat for storage.

I hope these simple tips help you on your way to choosing your first upholstery project. I would love to hear what you are going to be working on. Drop your ideas to

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