Reward and Recognition Workshop

Are you looking for a gift to reward a team member or a team?

A creative upholstery workshop is a sustainable way to thank employees who deserve recognition for their hard work.

It’s an opportunity for them have time away from the busy work environment, relax and enjoy either a morning or afternoon workshop.

They will spend a few hours unlocking their inner creativity and experience upholstery making a unique and eco-friendly notice board which can be used as a vision or display board. It’s theirs to take home at the end of day, a lasting reminder of the experience they’ve had. The board can be personalised as they get to choose from a range of sustainable fabrics.

No experience is needed – complete novices are welcome.

During the session we will stop and refuel with a delicious afternoon tea style lunch supplied locally.

It truly is a ‘feel good day’ where attendees will leave re-energised, feeling proud with a huge sense of achievement.

Places cost £150 each. A number of events are scheduled throughout the year that you can book onto.

After a creative upholstery workshop participants can expect to experience the following:

● Creative expression: Upholstery is a craft that allows them to explore their creative side and foster innovation. Through fabric choices, and decorative details like buttoning. They can infuse their own unique style and personality into the upholstery project, turning it into a creative expression of themselves.

● Confidence and empowerment: Participants will gain a sense of empowerment and belief in their own unique creative potential.

● Re-energised: By engaging their mind and body in a creative activity they are able to clear the mental clutter and re-engage their imagination returning to work and daily life re-energised and more productive.

● Connection and communication: they will have the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals who share a passion for self-discovery and creativity.

Attending a creative upholstery workshop is truly a ‘feel good day’ where participants will leave re-energised, feeling proud, and a  huge sense of achievement. What better way to reward your hard working employees? 

What does the workshop include?

All of the materials to make a fabric notice board, theirs to take home at the end of the workshop.

A handy workbook for them to take home.

A delicious afternoon style tea lunch is provided ( if it is a morning workshop lunch will be served after the activity, if it is an afternoon workshop lunch will be served first). Hot and cold drinks are provided

Morning workshops run from 9.30am-1pm. Afternoon workshops run from 1-4.30pm.

Meet Your Instructor


Emma Semper Hopkins specialises in leading and facilitating experiential upholstery workshops for business team building events and for individuals wanting to learn upholstery. She has more than 10 years’ experience of transforming and designing furniture.

Nationwide, Emma now teaches hundreds of people in person and online – giving them the knowledge and skills needed to sustainably upholster and create their own furniture. Her mission is to enhance the wellbeing of her clients through the joy of creation.

Emma shares her story of overcoming burnout, fear, her personal journey of self-care and living a visionary life in the Amazon best-selling book ‘Seen Too’.

What our customers think…

I thought I had a good understanding of my strengths and weaknesses, but completing the DISC and having the results presented to me by Sue was such an eye opener. The report brought clarity on my character traits, what motivates me and what my needs are. It highlighted why certain things come naturally to me and how I can build on them.

“It made me take a step back and really look at myself”
I really enjoyed it (the training), it was very interesting – I was actually sad when finished. It made me think more positively, especially about myself. Very thought-provoking.

“I saw value in my personality that I hadn’t appreciated before.” The process itself was interesting and thought provoking.It was so accurate, and I saw aspects of myself (that I had thought were less than desirable), in a new and positive light. She helped me understand how I prefer to communicate, and how best I can enhance my communication with others.

Susie has a magical warm way of helping me to really peel back the layers and to shine the light on the blocks. My lightbulb moment was when she helped me to see that I am totally able to make the shifts and take the steps to free myself of these old beliefs that no longer served me. I literally feel my heart and my spirits lifted after being in her amazing energy. “Every time with Susie is a happy time”.

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